María José Leaño
M. S. in Textile Print Design
Bogotá, Colombia



2013 "Bid_12" Bienal ibero-americana de design,
Fashion & Textile Design
"Microscope Photograpy"
Madrid, Spain.
2012 "Bid_10" Bienal ibero-americana de design,
Fashion Design Prize:
"Digital Textile Printing"
Madrid, Spain, catalogue p. 78. # 107.
2006 "Lapiz de Acero"
Fashion Design Prize:
"La Moda no Incomoda"
Proyecto Diseño Magazine Nr. 43, Bogotá, Colombia.
Fourth Grand Eurostitch Textile Printing Contest
Second prize for finished garments:
"Rose Jacket"
Eurostitch Magazine, Almere, The Netherlands.
Fourth Grand Eurostitch Textile Printing Contest
Second prize for wallpaper:
"Batik on paper"
Eurostitch Magazine, Almere, The Netherlands.
2005 Escenarios Diseño 2015
10th aniversary Special Edition
"Moda Efímera": quick fashion and recycling.
Proyecto Diseño Magazin Nr. 41, Bogotá, Colombia.
2004 First Prize and Grand Prize
Second Grand Eurostitch Textile Printing Contest,
Eurostitch Magazine, Almere, The Netherlands.
Master of Science in Textile Print Design (M. S.)
Philadelphia University of Textiles and Science, Philadelphia, PA.
1992-1993 COLFUTURO Stipend
Colombian Scholarship for Graduate Studies.
2012 »7/1« Microscope Photography.
Digital printed Textiles and Fashion, Textile jewelry.
Edificio Parque 69, Bogotá, Colombia.
2011 »Impresiones Microscópicas« (Individual)
Microscope Photography, Digital printed Textiles and Fashion.
Café Kalú, Bogotá, Colombia.
2009 »Miradas de Oriente« (Individual)
Photography and Textile Art Exhibition
Galería ArtRoom, Bogotá, Colombia.
2007 »Diseño con Acento«
Design Fair. Digital Printed Objects.
Córdoba, Argentina.
Design Exhibition
Nokia Trends House, Bogotá, Colombia.
»Exposición Abierta«
Art Exhibition
Centro Colombo Americano, Bogotá, Colombia.
Costume for Dance Performance
Zajana Danza, Bogotá, Colombia.
2006 »Puertas Abiertas«
Arts & Crafts Exhibition
Via Vai, Bogotá, Colombia.
»Biennale Internationale Design 2006 Saint-Etienne«
Design Exhibition
Cite du Design de Saint-Etienne, France.
»Blickfang 06«
Design Fair. Digital Print, Leather, Silver Jewelry.
Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Germany.
2005 »Wo der spaß anfängt«
Textile Exhibition. Digital Print.
Haus Vier, Nürtingen, Germany.
»Blickfang 05«
Design Fair. Digital Print, Leather, Silver Jewelry.
Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Germany.
»Magnolia« (Individual)
Arte Textil Digital, Garments.
Digital Print. LaSalle College, Bogota, Colombia.
2004 »A Closer Print« (Individual)
Textile Digital Art. Fabrics, Pictures, Garments.
Digital Print. VHS, Tübingen, Germany.
»Growing Hats«
Flower Hat, Knitted with 6 needles.
Hat Exhibition. Keukenhof, The Netherlands.
»Exotic prints« (Individual)
Unusual Impressions from another part of the world.
Digital Print on natural fibers, fabrics and garments.
Mimikry Digitaldruck, Stuttgart, Germany.
1998 »Fisch«
Digital Transfer printing.
Kunst-Handwerk-Kunsthandwerk, Zehntscheuer Münsingen, Germany.
1993 »The Hunt of the Unicorn«
Master of Science Final Project CAD Screen printed Fabrics
with the Lüscher ImageBox System.
Paley Design Center, PUT&S. Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Handprinted Fabrics
Paley Design Center, PCT&S. Philadelphia, PA, USA.
1991 Telas Estampadas (Handprinted fabrics)
Congreso de Estampación Textil.
Bogotá, Colombia.
1990 »Títeres« (Puppets) (College Final Project)
Exhibition and two Puppet shows based on the story »El Endriago« by María Fornaguera. Puppets designed and created with batik and embroidery.
Casa de la Cultura Hispánica, Bogotá, Colombia.
I curso Teórico-práctico de Palinología, Laboratorio de palinología y paleoecología tropical, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia
Taller experimental, Reconección con la Naturaleza. Biomímesis Colombia, Sasaima.
2014 ABSPD, The Art and Business of Surface and Pattern Design,
Taller online, Londres
2013 Illustration workshops, with Yuko Shimizu and Paloma Valdivia
Congreso Fig 03., Casa Tinta, Bogotá, Colombia
Biomimikry in the backyard
Professional Biomimikry workshop, Bogotá, Colombia
Introduction to Biomimikry: Foundational course
Online course, by Biomimikry 3.8
2007 Digital Textile Printing Workshop
Center for Excellence of Digital Ink Jet Printing for Textiles at Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA, USA.
1997-1998 Gastshörer Textildesign (Assistantship)
Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft,
Reutlingen, Germany.
1992-1993 Master of Science in Textile Print Design (M.S.)
Philadelphia University of Textiles and Science,
Philadelphia, PA.
1984-1990 Bachelor of Science in Textile Design (B.S.)
Los Andes University, Bogotá, Colombia.
1983 Bachiller Académico
Colegio La Candelaria, Bogotá, Colombia.
Self Employed
1997-today Papaya Design
Print Design, Textile Art, Art to wear.

Germany & Colombia.

Textil Digital
Textile Digital Print
service on fabrics.
Position: Owner, Design, Production and Sales manager.
Bogotá, Colombia.

2012-today Microscope Photography
LOS ANDES University, Bogotá, Colombia.
1995-today ADOBE Photoshop & ADOBE Illustrator for Print Design
PAPAYA DESIGN, Bogotá, Colombia;
Escuela Arturo Tejada Cano, Bogotá, Colombia;
Taller 5, Bogotá, Colombia;
VHS Reutlingen, VHS Tübingen, Germany;
HIGHTEX Software Entwicklungs GmbH, Reutlingen, Germany.
1994-today Textile Printing, Print Design, Batik and Knitting
VHS Stuttgart, Germany;
LASALLE College, Bogotá, Colombia;
LOS ANDES University, Bogotá, Colombia;
PAPAYA DESIGN, Bogotá, Colombia.
2003-today Owner, Textile Designer, Consultant
PAPAYA-DESIGN, Textile Design & Digital Textile Printing. Germany and Colombia;
TÍNTERES, Batik, Screen Printing. Bogotá, Colombia.
2007-2009 Owner, Textile Designer, Production Manager
TEXTIL DIGITAL S. A., Bogotá, Colombia, Digital Textile Printing service.
1990-2004 Textile, Graphic and Web Desing
ITC Wilches, Bogotá, Colombia: Flower packaging Design;
MINIPAK, Bogotá, Colombia: Flower packaging Design;
FRANK & FREUNDE, Ludwigsburg: Web Design;
7TH SENSE, Stuttgart: Web Design;
GRAFFITI, Ohmenhausen: Screen Printing;
ROBIA, Balingen: Textile Digital Print;
POLTEXAS Co., Bogotá, Colombia: Textile Color Separations.
1994-2000 CAD/CAM Consultant for Textile Software
DIS, Suhr, Switzerland;
KESPER Druckwalzen GmbH, Krefeld;
BENZ HMB AG, Zürich, Switzerland;
HIGHTEX Software Entwicklungs GmbH, Reutlingen.
2001-2003 Graphic Designer
PHOENIX Product Design, Stuttgart;
QUARK Deutschland GmbH, Ludwigsburg.
1995-1997 Textile Application Specialist
HIGHTEX Software Entwicklung GmbH, Reutlingen.
1993 Textile Print Designer
MARCUS BROTHERS Design Studio, New York, USA.
1992-1993 CAD Assistant
Computer Labor, Philadelphia University of Textiles and Science,
Philadelphia, PA, USA.
1993 Computer Aided Design
Info Design Systems Inc. , New York City, USA.
Spanish, English, German
MacOS and Windows.
ADOBE Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver; COREL Painter.
STORK, HIGHTEX ColorWeave, ColorMagic, ColorMatch, Studio96.
2003-today Screen, Digital Printing and 3D Printing
Periodical Technical Publications (English).
“Stitch & Print” Magazine, The Netherlands.
1996-2015 Columna RayosD
Periodical opinion about Textile Design,
Gender and Digital Technlogy (Spanish).
“Proyecto Diseño” Magazine, Bogotá, Colombia.
(Latin American Design Network),
Bogotá, Colombia.
1996-today ETN
(European Textile Network),
Hannover, Germany.
1990-today UNIANDINOS
(Asociación de Exalumnos de Los Andes),
Bogotá, Colombia.
Bogotá, 13.11.2013