About myself...

I am a Colombian Textile Designer that lived
and worked in Germany for ten years. I studied Textile Design at Los Andes University in Bogotá, Colombia, and majored in Textile Print Design from the Philadelphia University of Textiles and Sciences, in the States. I have worked in Textile Design and Digital Print in my own studio in Bogota, in Reutlingen, and in Stuttgart. I've also done some work in Internet and Graphic Design.

At this moment I develop some individual and collective projects with other Textile Artists in Bogotá.
Why did I call my Site Papaya?

Papayas grow in the tropics, have strong, bright colors, and can be exported to non-tropical countries without a great damage. This is why so many people know them, olny they are just not the same like at home!

In a way, I identify myself and my work with a papaya. If you think about it there are many similarities.

The diference is that my name is not so easy to pronounce in other languages, it is too long or has too many Spanish sounds.

But try to say papaya in English, German or Spanish, it sounds the same, right? even if you say it in Japanese! and almost all the people I've met, know what a papaya is, or at least how it looks like!…

…Don't you agree?