»Impresiones Microscópicas«
Textile Art Exhibition
Kalú, Bogotá, Colombia.
»Visiones de Oriente«
Photography and Textile Art Exhibition
Galería ArtRoom, Bogotá, Colombia.
2007 »Panóptico«
Design Exhibition.
Nokia Trends House, Bogotá, Colombia.
2007 »SEÑAS«
Photography Exhibition.
Galería Colombiana de diseño, Bogotá, Colombia
2007 »Exposición Abierta«
Art Exhibition.
Centro Colombo Americano, Bogotá, Colombia.
2007 »Desierto«
Costume for Dance Performance
Zajana Danza, Bogotá, Colombia.
2006 »Puertas Abiertas«
Art Exhibition.
Via Vai, Bogotá, Colombia.
2006 »Biennale Internationale Design 2006 Saint-Etienne «
Design Exhibition.
Cite du Design de Saint-Etienne, France.
2005 »Wo der spaß anfängt«
Textile Exhibition.
Haus Vier, Nürtingen, Germany.
2005 »Magnolia« (Individual)
Arte Textil Digital, Garments.
Digital Print. LaSalle College, Bogota, Colombia.
2004 »A Closer Print« (Individual)
Textile Digital Art. Fabrics, Pictures, Garments.
Digital Print. VHS, Tübingen, Germany.
2004 »Growing Hats«
Flower Hat, Knitted with 6 needles.
Hat Exhibition. Keukenhof, The Netherlands.
2004 »Exotic prints« (Individual)
Textile Digital Print on natural fibers,
fabrics and garments.
Mimikry Digitaldruck, Stuttgart, Germany.
1998 »Fisch«
Digital Transfer Print
Kunst-Handwerk-Kunsthandwerk, Zehntscheuer Münsingen, Germany.

1993 »The Hunt of the Unicorn«
Master of Science Final Project
CAD Screen printed Fabrics
with the Lüscher ImageBox System.
Paley Design Center, PUT&S. Philadelphia, PA, USA.

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1990 »Títeres« (Puppets) (College Final Project)
Exhibition and two Puppet shows based on the story
»El Endriago« by María Fornaguera. Puppets designed and created with batik and embroidery.
Casa de la Cultura Hispánica, Bogotá, Colombia.

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